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VIDEO: Mick Foley On CM Punk

VIDEO: Mick Foley On CM Punk

In a new video blog, Mick gives his thoughts on the recent situation involving CM Punk and WWE.

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February 3rd, 2014



  1. Andy Bruinewoud says:

    Thanks for this, Mick (and the other Foleys). I think we all hope this is more like when Steve Austin quit in the early 2000’s and not the end of Punk in WWE. Luckily for the higher-ups it’s taken fans minds off the fact that they’re expected to shell out $70 for a Orton-Batista main-event PPV in 2014.

  2. Chris says:

    Mr. Foley, your perspective is very important to me, an old school wrestling fan who’s been watching since the mid-late 80’s. I usually wouldn’t comment on something like this, but I can’t imagine anyone’s opinion meaning more to the wrestling industry than yours. So, keep up the great work!

  3. jimmy ship says:

    deff keep making the videos mick.. i love watching the shoots with guys like jim crocette and paul heyman that really get behind the scenes and give diehards an insight to the business. i feel like there is a void for an attitude era podcast free of wwe influence…stone colds is okay but i think you could really hit it outta the park. i always enjoy hearing you on O&A and there format as well as the podcasts of several other large comedians show podcasts are a great platform to promote events or guests, as well as hone your craft. No one i look up to more now form my years of loving WWF than you mick and there lots of ppl whod love to hear what you have to say…foley is god, have a nice day 🙂

  4. Placid_Snake says:

    Very interesting insight and I agree with pretty much everything you said mister Foley, but unfortunately I think at this point expecting the WWE to let wrestlers do what they do best is just plain unrealistic, because no matter how painfully obvious it is that they’re wrong, their “creative” team still has the arrogance of thinking they know better and understand wrestling fans better than anyone else (see: Batista winning the Royal Rumble), and they still insist on controlling every single aspect of the show and stubbornly carrying on with gimmicks and ideas that simply aren’t working.

    That’s why Cena still does the “five moves of doom” schtick. It seems evident to me he has the skills and talent to do more than that, but the creative team says “no, the five moves of doom sell more figures”. Hell, speaking of Cena, the closest thing we’ve had to the WWE management admitting that their product wasn’t as popular as they’d want was him acknowledging the hatred he got from a certain portion of the audience.

    So should CM Punk go back to them, or at least if he did so right away, they’d probably make him sign a “you are now our bitch” contract that would forbid him from misplacing a single comma.

    With that said, I don’t see Punk flat out retiring. I’d say there’s a slight chance he might join TNA, but in its current state he would probably leave that sinking boat even faster than he did the WWE, so yeah, maybe the indies, or perhaps he could even try his luck in Mexico or Japan, I don’t think he’d have any trouble making it big in either country.

  5. Dennis says:

    I agree with everything you stated in this video Mr, Foley, especially regarding the creative team in regards to CM Punk. I will admit that with the exception of yourself, there are very few guys I like to watch that are above 230 pounds in the ring. I find that the matches outside of the brute impact, the matches very rarely show anything new. With CM Punks matches I found very entertaining, and his mic skills are far beyond the current talent. Outside of the Divas( wish Melina would be hired back!!!) I like watching the Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, CM Punk characters. All that are roughly between 200 and 230 pound area. I find that the matches that they put on are very highly entertaining, with new moves in almost every match, with the high flying action as well. WWE needs the performers of CM Punks caliber! John Morrisons caliber! ( I personally think he is a younger Shawn Michaels in talent) The Divas division needs Melinas caliber! They seem to refuse to listen to what fans really want to see more of. I would love to hear what your thoughts on those performers that I had mentioned earlier any time you feel fit to, plus any other info that you would like to share regarding some of the things that fans dont get to see on tv. Thank you for your time, looking forward to your next video blog, thanks again.

  6. I always love your insight on things. Your sweat socks book is the thing that brought me back to pro wrestling in the first place and somewhere between you and GOOD OLE JR has kept me right here.

    That being said Punk is right for feeling the pains of not being taken seriously. But he is not the only one. The booking group and writing staff should all be keel hauled for the way they run things these days. Punk, Daniel, Miz, and Zigglar all seem to be shat upon even when fans love and want more of them. WELL maybe not the MIZ….. LOL But I digress. Lots of the wrestling rags will say its the CENA nation hurting things and he is taking control of stuff. This seems to me to be totally off base. CENA has had some Match of the year outings with ALL of these guys when those guys needed the boost and Cena believed in them too. PUNK last year tore down the house in April. Daniel Bryan in August before Summerslam. Antonio Cesaro right before Elimination Chamber. All these guys had AWESOME (cept MIZ) matches with the guy who was supposed to squash all comers…. QUITE FRANKLY its BS

    So MICK, if you even read this, who should we petition with the WWE to get things changed. These writers have to go. They think we are imbeciles who have no memories beyond the last taping of RAW. Those dingle dorks did not even remember to bait us with the info about the “GLANCE” (see picture). With this little reminder in the hands of the announce crew things could be even hotter than they are now.

    WHO, who do we collectively yell at for ruining the stars we love over some petty self righteous crap from the front office?

    Wrestlemania already has a main event EVERYONE hates… Smart people already know its only to push BATISTA and his movie “guardians of the galaxy” but damn put him in a guest star match with the other part timers.

  7. CM Punk #1 says:

    Wish to CM Punk all the luck in the future.He is The Best In The World Since Day One.I miss you my childhood hero!:( Hopefully he’ll return one day and if he doesn’t return I respect it.
    He will always be my favorite wrestler.
    He is also the man who inspired me to be one day a professional wrestler.

  8. CM Punk #1 says:

    Mick Foley can you run shows outside of the USA?Maybe Bosnia and Herzegovina?
    I just wanted to ask.If you can answer then please answer.