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So it’s the go-home week for Survivor Series, and I’m hoping for an exciting evening of RAW to make the PPV seem like must-see TV. I think it’s essential that WWE really deliver a great show, with an ending that makes people feel good, since so many walked away disappointed from HELL IN A CELL. I thought WWE did an amazing job of rebounding that next night on RAW, but I don’t think you want to start a trend where the WWE Universe begins to associate paid shows with heartbreak and frustration

But for me, the larger question will be answered after SURVIVOR SERIES. It may be days, or it may be weeks until we see if the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan team is going to be a mainstay, or whether it’s just a way to fill a temporary void.

I can tell you from experience that almost every top singles star who finds themselves in a tag-team situation is ultimately looking for a way to become a singles wrestler again. It actually took both The Rock and I years to appreciate what we had accomplished as a team – especially in terms of providing entertainment. We both saw the team as a means to an eventual end, and had no idea that what we were doing would be fondly remembered 14 years down the road.

Personally, I’d like to see this Punk/Bryan team be given a legitimate chance to grow. The back-story is there – the old footage fans like me love…and so is the talent. While I can fully understand both guys wanting to go their own way heading into Mania, I really hope this team will be given a chance = a chance to have great matches, a chance to give some of that main event rub to the Wyats and others, and a chance to catch fire, and become something special; the type of team that WWE fans will be talking about years down the road.

From personal accounts I’ve heard, the Daniel Bryan/Kane tag-team wasn’t supposed to happen at all. Then, when it did, it was seen as a short-term measure – a means to an end; the same way The Rock and I looked at our team. Who knew the WWE Universe wanted to see two grown men hugging it out? But the team caught fire, and in the process, reminded many long-time fans like me why we love this business.

I’m not saying that Punk/Bryan can catch that kind of fire. But I hope they get the chance.

Mick Foley

November 19th, 2013

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One Comment

  1. Robert Travis Jackson says:

    Daniel Bryan and Punk could be the tag team Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit should have been. A tag team with longevity.