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Is A Daniel Bryan Turn Best For Business?

Is A Daniel Bryan Turn Best For Business?

For the record, I am a huge Daniel Bryan fan. I thought a Bryan win would have been best for business at “Hell in a Cell”. I think Bryan winning the Royal Rumble, and the potential of 75,000 strong in New Orleans chanting “YES” at the conclusion of WrestleMania – providing an image for the ages….and sending people home HAPPY – will be what’s best for business in April. But could this recent turn of events with Bray Wyatt be what’s┬ábest for business now?

It could be.

Personally, I see the WWE World heavyweight Championship in Daniel Bryan’s future. But in the meantime, he has a chance to do something almost as important and prestigious; he has a chance to help MAKE somebody.

Last month, I mentioned that Bray Wyatt (yeah, I know I called him Way Bryatt on the TLC PPV) had that “IT” thing – those tricky two letters that can spell the difference betweeen a talented performer and a star, between an asset to the company and a main eventer. But even a performer with that “IT” factor needs something else to get them there – a bridge of sorts to get lead them on that next step of the journey. Every performer in our business needs that intense personal issue, that rivalry, that FEUD that truly puts them on the main event map.

I was lucky enough to have had those feuds at the right times along the way. I was lucky wnough to have had those feuds when I needed them – with Sting in 1991, and with The Undertaker in 1996 – the right opponents at the right time to put me on the main event map. I like to think that I was that right person at the right time for a few people over the years. It’s an honor I take great pride in.

Daniel Bryan has that chance. It’s not easy. But do I think he’s up to it? YES, YES, YES!

Mick Foley

January 2nd, 2014



  1. John Gault says:

    All the best to yourself and family for a great 2014. I look forward to reading your future blogs and seeing D Bryan, the Wyatt family and hopefully Kane take down the machine and shine at Wrestlemania.

  2. Troy Carrington says:

    Bray Wyatt is the most interesting character to come down the pike is some time. Part Deliverance, part Southern Comfort and a whole lot of Cape Fear. His build up is going the right way, slow boil. Would love to see an NWO thing breakout with them (please, let’s make sure story line has follow up and not every guy is in it)
    With Daniel Bryant in the fold, I am definitely seeing a screw job coming on him (Bryant) and a possible revenge match at wrestle mania with Wyatt.
    But the product, as whole, is lacking luster. The Authority, is at best a distraction. at worst a hindrance. With the emergence of Lesnar and the return of Batista, would not be great to see an evil Bryant with the assistance of the Family become like the Kevin Sullivan stable of Florida in the mid 80s?

  3. BigMike says:

    part Deliverence, part Cape Fear with some Waylon Mercy (( old WWF persona of Danny Spivey)) alot of charisma, can move for a big guy, has that intangible and also BTW has a kick ass Theme song: eerie yet mesmerizing

  4. Wenriquez says:

    I can see Bryan using the Wyatt’s to neutralize the McMahon’s and attain the belt. It could be another Hatfields vs. the McCoys starting shortly before Wrestlemania and gaining traction through Summer Slam. Possibilities are endless with great plot lines.

  5. Ozymandias_Rex_Regum says:

    The fans are still cheering for Bryan, I think what may happen is this intended heel turn for Bryan may turn out to be like Stone Cold early on in that character arc, an intended heel turning face with no character change due to crowd reaction, for the Wyatt Family. Randy Orton has gotten stale and has been for years, as Ric Flair pointed out, he never lost his arrogance and it’s keeping his character stale. Bret Hart and HBK were always cocky characters and were only arrogant when heels, but all i see with Orton ever is an arrogance and it’s been old for a long time. Bray Wyatt is the best new character in at least 10 years, he has a Mankind meets Max Cady vibe to him. Hopefully more Attitude Era style characters like him show up in the WWE.

  6. Ratbas says:

    I see him turning the family face more than them keeping him heel.

  7. Fedex! says:

    Shows me that Vince doesn’t want to create a huge star that will eventually leave him for movies and other entertainment. If Vince keeps him at his current level, he’ll always have control. Crying shame man.

  8. CM Punk #1 says:

    A Daniel Bryan hell turn it’s what’s worst for buisenes.